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In balance with our environment

La Montagne is the place to really get back your peace of mind.
Most people, provided you can appreciate and will allow it, will experience the restful effects of the sounds of nature, splendid views, nice climate and relaxed atmosphere.
Some of our guests don't need anything more for several days!

La Montagne is positioned in the middle of a mountain area where you can take magnificent strolls.
Once a week we organize a hike over and (partly) around our property, meant to introduce you to this environment but also as a source of inspiration for further exploring.

For swimming there are two small lakes, one in Veynes (20 min) and the other in Pelleautier (15 min) and a very big one called ''Lac de Serre Ponçon'' (30 min).
You'll experience clear blue water with small beaches or meadows, fed by a source or mountain streams.
By the way, the fact that we have these fantastic lakes around is one of the reasons for not having a swimming pool at La Montagne.
Who would like to swim in chlorinated water if  the ultimate swimming environment is so close by?
The other reason is that we would like to maintain the peace and quiet at La Montagne, aspects which are highly appreciated by our guests.

If you like to partake in or watch either summer or winter sports, we will be happy to find locations within 50 km's of La Montagne.

Because of the central location of La Montagne in the department ''Les Hautes-Alpes'', it is an excellent point of departure to explore this mountainous area, which, to a large extend, is not yet completely spoiled by too much tourism.
The ''Parc National des Ecrins'' (biggest National Park in France) and the ''Parc Natural  Regional du Queyras'' both offer you thematic excursions to introduce you to their impressive flora and fauna.
In these parks  you are also allowed to hike all by yourself, as long as you obey certain logical rules.
Although Europe's biggest storage lake ''Lac de Serre Ponçon'' is a bit crowded with tourists during high season, it certainly is worth visiting,
especially if you like swimming or other water sports.

In the Hautes-Alpes you can drive along some interesting routes, like the ''Lavender Route'', the ''Sundial Route'', the ''Fruit and Wine Route'',
the ''Alpine Route'' and of course the ''Route Napoleon''.
Cities like Briançon, Embrun and the departemental capital Gap have much to offer in the area of art, culture, markets, fine restaurants, outdoor terraces, etc.
At the same time, each of these (small) cities maintains it's own specific character.

One of the alternate routes is one leading through 13 very small villages in the area of ''Les Pays Buëch'', the most western part of the Hautes Alpes.
The smallest village you will see, Châteauneuf d'Oze on an altitude of 939 Mt., only counts for 24 residents!

We hope you will appreciate the fact that this is only a very short and far from complete introduction of the Hautes-Alpes.
For more information please visit one of the following web sites:
www.leshautesalpes.com or  www.hautes-alpes.net.

Surrounding areas like Provence, Côte d'Azur, Drôme, Ardêche and the Italian Alps are within reach of your day trips.

Lac de Serre Ponçon

Pic de Ceüse

Map of Hautes Alpes