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In balance with our environment

July, 2004

It has been really lovely to share your mountain for two weeks!!
If Holly has her way we will take enough of it back to build our own……
Your paradise will be in our memories and will be somewhere we will look forward to returning to.
Thank you for looking after us so well.
All the best

Jeff, Joanne, Nicole and Holly Jones/ UK


''Thank you for letting us stay with you.
It was Super!
Lots of love and happy new year''

Diane Hes,
St. Michaels on Sea/ South Africa

I came to La Montagne for one week to relax and de-stress.

What I got was much more.  Being here is a bit like heaven with Marijke and Wicher  protecting their haven.

If you allow yourself, you can find an inner peace and spirit you never knew existed. I had a smile on the inside and outside the entire time I was here.  Besides a magnificent view of the Alps, imagine waking up to the sounds of the cuckoo birds and nothing else.  The time spent here allows you the opportunity to refresh yourself  for the rigors you must face once you leave here.



Myra Nitkin
Toronto/ Canada.


La Montagne

We spent a glorious spring break in an apartment at La Montagne during the first week of May 2000.

The holiday really begins when you leave the provincial road and head up the mountain, crossing a stream you climb through hairpin bends surrounded by luscious greenery. Every now and then there is a break in the trees to reveal an increasingly beautiful view that continues right to the doorstep of La Montagne.

The light yellow buildings are set against the mountain slope, a cheerful welcome amongst the roses. The apartments are at 1400m and after an almost stifling warm drive you step out into a fresher, cooler climate with a slight mountain breeze. The altitude makes a noticeable and very pleasant difference to the temperature.

After a hearty welcome from Wicher and Marijke we settled into a very comfortable apartment. The rooms are light and airy with high ceilings and more space than you could wish for. Marijke has put a lot of effort into making the apartments as homely as possible so that you feel comfortable the moment you arrive, there is nothing sparse about these apartments! Everything is laid out with care, comfortable chairs, a settee, TV (probably won’t need), games, even down to the ornaments and a cloth on the coffee table.

The position of La Montagne is great, the mountainside is fairly steep so you have an uninterrupted view and do not see any sign of civilization in front of you. Even looking out into the valley is a pretty sight without any habitation of any significance and certainly no sign of any industry you really feel you have got away from it all! There are mountain tops either side of you and other mountains in the distance, close enough to enjoy but far enough away to really feel the open space. If you are looking for peace and natural beauty this place really has both in abundance.
The set-up is to keep nature in tact, spread things out to create privacy and peace, you will hear children playing, certainly if we are there, but there is no disco, no central bar, only the breeze, trees and birds. Probably the only discordant sound we heard was a cuckoo with what sounded like laryngitis.

The site is near the top of the mountain, the ski slopes are less than 3 km up the road, so a walk up to the ridge is well worth doing. The walk itself allows for quite a bit of variation so you can make it easy or difficult, as you choose. We spent much of a day working our way up and searching for fossils among the rocks, stopping for a picnic on the ridge. The view up there is also breathtaking, especially if you took a brisk walk up, uninterrupted from Veynes all the way to Gap – it is so broad you almost feel you should plant a flag to show you were there.

Back down again you can prepare your dinner in the well equipped kitchen, all the benefits of an apartment at hand, or go down the mountain to one of the restaurants in the area. It is a fairly short trip down the mountain, and the little village of La Roche has a bakery, which makes it an easy task to nip down for baguettes and croissants for breakfast.

La Montagne is close to the ski slopes on the Ceüse, the apartments are a good alternative for a winter holiday as well
The slopes look pretty good and the local council is investing in improving them, if you are a black slope skier they may be too easy. There are 9 slopes with varying degrees of difficulty, reasonably priced and with a ski school, so worth a try. On the road to Veynes is the Super Devoluy if you need more advanced skiing.

The owners, Wicher & Marijke Nijkamp, make a real effort to ensure that you have all you need so that you can really have a hassle free holiday and hopefully leave as taken with their environment as they clearly are.

After a day of walking, or just sitting back in the peace and quiet with a good book, there is a hot shower and a very good bed waiting! In the apartment we had there was a superb view of the Ceüse mountain and when the large shuttered windows were opened it was like having a huge living poster in the bedroom – lie back and look at the spectacular mountain set against the bright blue sky – what a pleasure


View from Les Etoiles