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La Montagne/ 05400 Manteyer/ France

In balance with our environment

It may take some time to download this page, because it is predominantly pictures, but take the time because the results are well worth it.  

Within minutes of La Montagne there are lot's of opportunities for splendid mountain strolls.
Once a week we organize a 2,5 hour stroll over/ around our property; the following gives you an impression of what there is to see..







Some characteristic pictures of the center of Gap.

Some pictures which should give you a better idea of the apartment buildings/ chalet, the views from within, etc.

Achteraanzicht appartementen/ chalet Achteraanzicht Chalet Les Etoiles
App. Le Soleil

Terras Le Soleil

Vooraanzicht van het gebouwencomplex met rechts chalet Les Etoiles

Finally a random collection of pictures,  all taken on our property except for the last one.